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Yoga & Meditation​


Somatic Sexology

Somatic sexology uses body practices to learn about our sexuality from within.  Utilizing meditative states, breath, movement, body focusing, erotic trance & touch, we engage with parts of ourselves that have been forgotten.

Most of us operate from our minds most of the time, and the societies we live in prioritize this. When we encounter sexual difficulties such as inability to orgasm or inexperience in partner communication, we generally first try to conceptualize it, to "figure it out." Quite rarely do we consult our own bodies for these answers, and if we do, we may get little information because the lines of communication are not yet established.

With somatic sexology, we learn how to open up the dialogue between self and body again. With focused awareness, we bring attention to what has been unseen and unfelt. We get to discover our inner wisdom, and very often, the solutions to what ails us. The work requires curiosity and persistence. We are undoing decades of body denial, so seeing real change takes practice. That said, you may begin to experience positive shifts with just a few sessions. 

This modality is most definitely also for those who wish to reach more expansive and ecstatic sensual states!

Sessions are client-centered, trauma informed, consent and boundary based and focused on education and exploration.


In sessions you will:

         *Change limiting patterns

         * Re-sensitize the body

         * Improve communication

         * Hone in on your Needs & Wants

         * Discover your Yes and No

         * Experience new ways to feel Pleasure 

In working with me, my expectations are you are open to change, you can dedicate a few moments each day to practice, you are proactive in seeking out support, and you take your pleasure work seriously. Meaning you carve in time to experience joy and pleasure so that you can have a healthy counterbalance to life's pitfalls.

If you are feeling curious, click the button below to send an inquiry and we will go from there!

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