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* Preet is a name I was given in Kundalini Yoga that means Beloved. I felt I needed to hear this again and again. I went back to my birthname Emily in 2018 when I was ready to claim myself as a complex loving and wrathful being all in one.

This week a client and dear friend wrote this for me. I cried and then said out loud again and again "And it's all true." As we become our authentic selves, it is important to allow others to see that and put words to it. Then we have to receive it as our truth. I know that I am a powerful Reiki healer. I know that I am a powerful presence in all that I do. If you have been reading my blog and feel called to unite our powers in some way, even if you don't know what that looks like, listen to your intuition and let's connect. And I'm not talking strictly client to practitioner money and energy exchange. The possibilities of right collaboration are boundless.

"I highly recommend reiki sessions with Preet whether for a chronic illness or a short-term situation. I was already sold on the benefits of reiki for meditation and spiritual and emotional healing. I'd worked with Preet and had been so very touched by her strength and her love. I was transported in sessions with her.

Even knowing all that, I was a bit ambivalent about applying reiki to illness and pain. I thought, that's nice and it'll probably help, but I want to make sure to get to the pharmacy to fill this prescription, too.

I've had (somewhat unfortunately) several opportunities to work with Preet around illness and I am absolutely convinced of its benefit. My whole system was lifted along with the concentrated attention where I needed it.

I've had more than one issue at a time and Preet would ask me what I'd like to work on at the beginning of the session. At first, I had answers to this question. In a short time, though, I stopped answering with anything other than 'You do you. Wherever you feel it's needed.' Inevitably her instinct was spot on.

I received reiki from Preet weekly for a number of months at one point. I was in the sort of pain and misery that was not helped by medication of any sort. Not only was my pain eased during the sessions, but the effect would be felt long afterward. She created a sacred space that was so powerful, it lingered. The more we worked together, the more able I was to take care of myself and the more my spirit stayed in balance.

Preet is an amazing, fierce, and powerful woman. She'll be the first to tell you, though, that she doesn't 'do' reiki: She's the conduit. But she is so connected to the love of the universe and so intuitive about where it is needed that there is something pure and divine about the experience. I've received reiki from many people over the years. She's definitely something special.

And....all this is 'packaged' in a beautiful, open and loving spirit. My heart lifts when I see her and I know that not only will my pain be alleviated, but also, just for a time, I'll be beautiful, open and loving as well."

-- Lisa Abrams

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