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Emily Royce

Somatic Sex Education

"Sexuality made accessible for all bodies through education & exploration"

Sex can be accessible. It is not something that some folks get to enjoy and the rest of us are forced to mimic and parrot if we want to play along. There are billions of ways to "do" sex because there are billions of us. 


We can all access what we like and don't like. We can all learn how to feel this information in our bodies and practice the communication around conveying it. Sometimes we are presented with barriers or challenges to pleasure. These can be as deep rooted as systemic racism and the projection upon us of what our sexuality is supposed to look like. For some of us, our sexuality has been used against us and has meant danger and harm. For others of us, sex is steeped in physical pain or shame. But it is my fact and experience based opinion that every body can access more pleasure with the right tools and trauma informed space to do so.


Things that do not disqualify you from great pleasure include: Chronic illness and pain, sexual dysfunction, mental and physical disability, sexual trauma, years of being single and celibate, lack of knowledge and experience with our own bodies and those of potential partners, identification as LGBTQ and non-binary genders, age, and cultural and racial background.

I am a Somatic Sex Educator and Certified Sexological Bodyworker. What's that? Somatics is a field within bodywork, movement and other therapeutic modalities wherein the internal physical perception and experience are emphasized. It is the body perceived from within. Sexological is the adjective of sexology- the scientific study of human sexuality including interests, behaviors and functions. I believe sexuality is the crux of our existence and it informs all aspects of our lives. If we delve into curiosity around our sexuality, I believe our unique life purpose comes to the forefront. And in our newfound embodiment, we have the strength to walk our path. With pleasure!

Do something revolutionary. Invest in yourself, and through that your community. I offer tiered pricing. 10% of the cost of your session goes towards organizations that prioritize healing and reparations for BIPOC folks. There is no way to progress forward without first going inward loves. Let's do this together. 


10% of your session costs so far have gone towards Generative Somatics, Healing By Choice Detroit, We The People of Detroit, TRACC 4 Movements  & the work of Thea Monyee

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Algarve, Portugal & Online
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